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2016: A Banner Year for Health, Safety, and Environment at HandyTube

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Workplace safety is HandyTube’s #1 focus and that’s why we are so excited to share our HSE improvements for 2016!  We are committed to protecting the health and safety of those who play a part in our operations, live within the communities we operate and use our products.  We operate and conduct our business with respect and care for both our community and the environment and systematically manage environmental, health and safety risks.  We make it our business to reduce injuries and occupational illnesses, promote safe work practices and appropriately respond to any incidents that could harm our environment.

With a proactive focus on continuous improvements with employee health & safety, we all worked together to make 2016 a banner year.  By improving our safety management programs and implementing additional best practices HandyTube employees significantly improved the safety in our facilities in 2016 by achieving the following:

  • A 75% Reduction in Recordable injuries over 2015
  • 100% Reduction in Environmental
  • Air Exceedances: No exceedances in 2016
  • Three 100 Days of Safety including employee appreciation celebrations
  • ~90 great Near Miss Resolutions from May through December
  • Nearly 100% participation in Monthly Safety Training


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The Near Miss Resolution is a proactive means to identity improvement opportunities before they become an incident. By resolving Near Misses we in turn reduced our first aid cases and recordables.  Together we worked to maintain this momentum on the Near Miss Resolutions with at least 10 NMRs per month.  Employee incentives were put in place to challenge everyone to keep their individual Center of Excellence free from injuries and improve NMRs.  During 2016 HandyTube was pleased to award:

  • Cash prizes to 11 outstanding individuals totaling $500!
  • Approximately 40 “Safer Together” shirts for completing individual NMRs

Also in 2016 we improved our strap inspection process to include Lean practices such as 5S plus Safety. HandyTube manufactures products that can be heavy and bulky, we depend on hoist and tie-down straps to lift, store, and ship products.  Each strap is now designated to a labeled area and is indicated by its color for its designated use.  Inventory of straps are controlled in designated areas to ensure straps are inspected, tested, reduce strap costs, and clutter of straps on site   Each strap is routinely inspected for potential defects and rated strength prior to use to ensure it’s the right tool for the job.

Everyone at HandyTube works hard to demonstrate visible and active leadership that engages both employees and service providers, while managing health, safety and environmental performance.  We strive to educate all employees and contractors on our practices and ensure they understand that working safely is a condition of employment.  Each individual is responsible for their safety and the safety of those around them. 

At HandyTube, we not only produce the best in seamless, stainless steel and nickel alloy tubing . . . we help our employees develop safety principles that make us great!