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Oil & Gas Upstream Subsea Tubing Applications and Capabilities


The coiled tubing (CT) industry is a major part of oil & gas upstream subsea applications.  Coiled tubing is used widely in extreme conditions in offshore environments. The North Sea is a  good example of extreme offshore applications. Extreme conditions require a special grade of seamless stainless steel tubing known as 6 Mo (UNS S31254).  Common applications include interventions in wells or for production tubing  to extend the life of “depleted wells”.  Interventions are operations performed in oil wells during production or at the end  of a well’s useful life.  The process of intervention changes the condition of the well or its structure, and can be used for well diagnosis or to assist controlling production.

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HandyTube Receives NORSOK Qualificaton from MRC Energy Piping


HandyTube has been successfully qualified by MRC Energy Piping for its 6Mo (UNS S31254) seamless coil and straight length tubing up to 3.8 mm wall thickness according to NORSOK M650 Edition 4 for MDS R18.  NORSOK qualification is a very important milestone in HandyTube’s commitment to being a valued supplier and a key resource to the oil and gas industry, providing custom solutions for critical applications.

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NORSOK M-650 Defined

NORSOK standards were developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry to ensure safety, add value and promote cost effectiveness for petroleum industry operations, particularly under the harsh conditions encountered during offshore drilling in the North Sea. But companies operating in less hostile environments can also benefit from the stringency of these requirements.

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